About us

Racingdiffs d.o.o. Surčin

MB 21265071

PIB 109906692

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Adress: Ariljska 18, Surčin

Director: Luka Popović

e-mali: racingdiffs@gmail.com

About RacingDiffs

RacingDiffs is a specialist company. Teamwork is critical in everything we do - we simply live by it.

We’re driven by our passion for performance driving.

Established to address racing needs, both our own and other enthusiast’, our products are engineered by drivers for drivers!

We’ve mastered the friction materials and coatings field, which is the cornerstone of the quality of our products. Our team is truly dedicated and continuously strives for technological improvements.

We believe that the performance drivetrain parts should be affordable to all, so our mission is to reflect that in our prices, while providing the highest quality.

Our vision is to become an integral part of the world-wide tuning community by offering high-quality products that will flawlessly serve drivers for many years.

Our philosophy is simple and based on the following principles:

  1. Engineered by drivers for drivers – we develop and test all our products ourselves. seeking customer feedback to ensure we meet their needs
  2. High-precision production – we invest in the latest CNC machines and tools.
  3. Top quality materials – we use only certified materials which are chemically heat- treated for maximum durability.
  4. Teamwork – we love the work we do, integrating all team members where each individual matters.
  5. Never leave out any of these principles as they deliver Superior Performance!