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These sets are suitable for the most differentials up to year 1999. You can recognize them by bolt-on side caps which holds carrier unit. Unlike K, L and LW types which have C-clip design, mm diff types have shims between housing and caps. Millimeter differential type was found in following models:

- 3 Series: E21 (big case), E30, E36
- 5 Series: E28, E34
- 7 series: E23, E32, E38 (early models)
- 8 series: E31
- Z series: Z1, Z3, Z8Z1, Z3, Z8

You can choose 3 different options according to your differential size. Simplified, 4 cylinder models use 168mm differentials, 6 cylinder are 188mm while 8 cylinder models have 210mm differential size. But to be 100% sure which option to order, please check this video instruction how to check by VIN. It will show you how to use BMWFans.info.

How to tell if your differential needs bearings replacement?

Characteristic noise from differential/transmission occurs during acceleration and coast (engine breaking). To distinguish differential bearing noise from the wheel bearing noise steer left-right like you are warming up tires for the race.
If the noise changes its intensity than it is a wheel bearing. If intensity of the noise remains the same, that means differential bearings needs to be replaced.

Each set includes:

-1x Crush sleeve
-1x Small pinion bearing
-1x Large pinion bearing
-2x Side bearing
-1x Input flange oil seal
-2x Output flange oil seal

RacingDiffs Components are OEM quality.

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