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Fitment chart:

Variant 1 (V1):

-E36 M3 (3.2 S52)
-E46 M3 (2000 - 2005)
-E28 M5, M535
-E34 M5
-E39 M5
-E24 M6
-E60 M5
-E63, E64 M6
-Z4 M

Variant 2 (V2):

-E46 M3 (2006)
-E90, E92, E93 M3


How to tell if your differential has bad bearings:

Characteristic noise occurs on acceleration and coast (engine breaking). To distinguish differential bearing noise from wheel bearing noise steer left-right like you are worming up tires for the race.
If noise changes than it is a wheel bearing. If intensity of the noise remains the same, that means differential bearings needs to be replaced.

We have the best quality bearings and oil seals, available in sets.

Full set contains:

  • 1x Small pinion bearing
  • 1x Large pinion bearing
  • 2x Side bearings
  • 1x Pinion oil seal
  • 2x Side oil seals
  • 1x Crush sleeve

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