BMW E46 LSD swap kit (E30/E36/E34 ZF 006 unit)



This kit includes all parts necessary to install ZF plated Limited slip differential found in E30, E36, E34 etc. 

It is the most cost effective way to put a proper LSD unit into E46 188K diff type found in the following models:

+320Cd M47N
+320Ci M54
+320d M47
+320d M47N
+320i M54
+323Ci M52
+323i M52
+323i 2.4 M52

+325Ci M54
+325Ci M56
+325i M54
+325i M56
+325ti M54
+325xi M54
+328Ci M52

+328i M52
+330Ci M54
+330i M54
+330xd M57
+330xd M57N
+330xi M54


We advise you to refresh the LSD unit prior installation into E46 differential housing, as used units are 25+ years old and probably have factory friction discs which are worn out.

Learn how to rebuild 188mm LSD unit on this tutorial video.

If you upgrade LSD unit with some of our Performance packs, you will get the best possible solution for any kind of racing discipline - drift, rally, circuit, hill climb, time attack, etc. Or you can set it up to be smooth for track days and daily usage. And it will still be cheaper than buying an aftermarket LSD unit.

The complete step-by-step tutorial on how to swap E30/E36/E34 LSD unit into E46 differential housing is available on this link.

Important note:

Please make sure you let us know which Crown gear spacer you need as the thickness varies depending on differential gear ratios. Please check the table below.

E46 Differential ratios

 188mm LSD unit
(2.65 - 3.07)

188mm LSD unit
(3.15 - 4.45)

Low range (2.37 - 2.87) 7,15mm spacer No spacer needed
Mid range (2.93 - 3.07) 12,15mm spacer 5,15mm spacer
High range (3.15 - 4.45) 19,15mm spacer 12,15mm spacer


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