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BMW LSD oem Pressure plate set (multiple ramp angle modification)

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BMW LSD Pressure plates modified by RacingDiffs provide 3 different ramp angle positions:

- 30°/30°,

- 30°/60°,

- 45°/45°.


We modify pressure plates with eroding machine to obtain the highest possible precision. After cutting, parts are chemically heat treated to restore original hardness and wear resistance!

Why our Multivariant Ramp set is a must have for all types of racing?

This set combined with our Performance clutch set is a superior LSD performance upgrade! It allows you to adjust your differential from 25% up to 100% lock in 2 ways or 1.5 ways. By altering the ramp angle setup, you control how fast and effectively the differential locks. You don't need several differentials as adjusting this one according to your track requirements will guarantee success.


Check out this video for an insight into the LSD ramp angles concept.