RacingDiffs LSD clutch pack for Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Giulia rear differential offers supreme performance over factory clutch stack. 

This is also a unique solution for the factory problem of tapping/hitting noise from behind of the car during gear change and strong accelerations. Everyone consider this problem 'normal' for Alfa Romeo, but that is just because they don't have a solution. But we do!

Why is the RacingDiffs Clutch pack a superior Performance upgrade to the factory set-up?

This set brings a significant upgrade over the factory LSD set-up, which has NO pre-load at all. The factory set-up contains 4 clutch plates and 6 dog ear steel plates.

If you don't have any pre-load in your LSD, the lock transition is abrupt, which does not help, especially in long corners, so the car can behave very unpredictably and unexpected oversteer is likely to occur. This negatively impacts on clutch wear as they are spinning constantly.

Our set, in addition to Moly-Ceramics clutch plates, brings 2 pre-load shims instead of 2 dog ear plates as in the factory set. Therefore, it doesn't require any modification. It is Plug & Play! Shims will provide just about the right amount of pre-load to ensure optimal functioning of the LSD unit. 


- Superior grip

- Smoother lock transition

- Higher plate durability

- Less heat in gearbox

- No Tapping noise