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Jaguar F-Type LSD clutch pack

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 Say goodbye to worn-out factory clutches and say hello to a new era of performance with the RacingDiffs LSD clutch pack for Jaguar F-Type. When your differential starts slipping and making unpleasant noises, it's a clear sign that it's time for a replacement - a replacement that only we can provide.

Jaguar may not offer clutch packs as replacement parts, but RacingDiffs steps up to fill that void with a solution that has been crafted with precision and passion. Our LSD clutch pack is the ONLY one of its kind on the market for Jaguar F-Type models from 2014 to 2021, making it an exclusive upgrade for your luxury sport vehicle.

What sets the RacingDiffs clutch pack apart? We don't just replace, we improve. Each clutch in our pack is coated with, a material revered for providing the ideal balance between friction coefficient and durability. This ensures your differential operates smoothly, increasing your car's performance and extending its lifespan.

With a nod to our racing pedigree, every RacingDiffs clutch pack undergoes rigorous testing across various racing applications. This ensures that our product can withstand the toughest of conditions and deliver unparalleled performance, regardless of the demand.

And the best part? Our clutch pack is plug-and-play. There's no need for modifications or complicated installation procedures. Simply fit it in, and you're ready to experience a ride like no other.

Choose RacingDiffs, the superior and only aftermarket clutch pack solution for Jaguar F-Type. Enhance your driving experience and enjoy the reliability that comes with world-class engineering.


Year      Engine      Body & Trim

2021      3.0L V6      R-Dynamic

2020     3.0L V6      Checkered Flag, R-Dynamic

2019     3.0L V6      R-Dynamic

2018     3.0L V6      400 Sport

2017     3.0L V6      British Design Edition, S

2016     3.0L V6      S

2015     3.0L V6      Base, S

2014     3.0L V6      Base, S


OEM part numbers:

EX53-4A213-DA | EX534A213DA | T2R17980